Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fellas, do you cry at the movies?

Don't be ashamed to admit it. Even alpha male Velociman confesses to it.

My former fie-ance used to cry during "Field of Dreams," every time (yeah, there were plenty of times). During the scene where the dad-ghost appears and Kevin Costner says, "you wannna catch?" (or however it went).

Every time he started crying, I would start laughing. I guess that's one of the reasons why we're exes now . . .

The movie scene that makes me tear up, every time I see it, is in "Terms of Endearment," where Debra Winger is in the hospital dying of cancer, and her young sons come in the room to see her for the last time. And the youngest son is sobbing, but the older son is angry at the mom and he's also at that snot-nosed age where he can't show any emotion other than sullen-ness and he's all surly and resentful and will barely even look at his mom. And Debra Winger tells him, fiercely, "You love me. You know you do." And tells him not to feel guilty when he gets older. It's such a great distillation of the essence of motherly love that it makes me boo-hoo every time.

You would laugh at me if you saw me watching that scene . . .


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