Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It always sets my teeth on edge

when Dubya repeats his "we thought the oceans would protect us" line. Every time I hear him say that, I think, what's this "we" shit, asshole?

I see Samurai Sam's had similar thoughts, although he's much more polite (and more eloquent).

First of all, it seems likely that Bush may, assuming he's telling the truth, be the only person of his generation that actually believed being "separated by oceans" made America safe from its enemies.

So, if you believe Bush (and why should you?), he's gone from a state of blissful ignorance, oblivious to known threats, thinking the "oceans would protect us," to his current state of hyper-vigilance. By "hyper-vigilance," of course, I mean "using the threat of 911 to justify his trashing of our civil liberties and his every political power play."


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