Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Justice Alito says 'HELLO!'"

From the letters section of The Sun News:

Thank God for TV; without it, we the people would never have seen the true picture of these "liberal" Democrats in action. When the TV camera focused on Sens. Pat Leahy, Edward Kennedy and Chuck Schumer, it reminded me of the Three Stooges - except watching the Three Stooges made me laugh.

Watching these three puppets made me sad to know that they are elected officials who took an oath to protect America and now are trying their hardest to destroy a good man, who would be a great judge for our country.

They made one mistake after another trying to catch him on nonsensical statements.
But the greatest mistake was attacking him on his personal agendas (which were all lies), thus causing Mrs. Alito to break down for a moment.

As an American of Italian heritage, I can tell you that was a big no-no. We are like elephants; we never forget.

Jim H. Nuovo Sr.

Little River

[emphasis supplied]

Never mind the incoherence; what's that last paragraph supposed to imply? If I were "an American of Italian heritage" I might take umbrage at such a crude stereotype. Though it IS rather amusing applied to the Mr. Magoo-looking Alito.


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