Friday, February 24, 2006

Bush to America: Don't worry your pretty little head about security . . .

So. After more than four years of telling us that we all need to be very, very afraid, Bush is now telling us not to worry about national security.

It is to laugh. I am (currently) neutral on the proposed ports deal, as I fail to see how it will make us any less safe than we already are, but I must admit, I've enjoyed the hell out of the spectacle of bipartisan Bush-bashing. The dismay of watching some of my fellow liberals behave like terrorist-bogeyman-fearing bedwetting right-wingers is amply mitigated by the spectacle of the Bush administration being "hoist by its own retard," as commenter Craigie so eloquently put it in comments to this Drum post.

Pass the popcorn.


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