Monday, March 27, 2006

My audition for the Washington Post right wing blogger position

Last week was a tragic one for the blogosphere. Young patriot Ben Domenech was forced to resign his new job at the Washington Post by the unhinged deranged America-hating terrorist-loving insurgent-appeasing latte-swilling hairy-pitted lesbian feminist moonbat leftard hordes of The Left, and their vicious ad hominem attacks. Oh, and by their relentless Googling of his past writings and their accusations of plagiarism, which are patently false. Not only is Ben innocent of plagiarizing, his youthful writings were so precociously brilliant that they inspired writings that had already been written by more experienced authors.

Proving once again that they will stop at nothing to bring a patriot down, the bile-spewing running dogs of The Left actually stooped so low as to actually produce examples of Ben's own vicious personal attacks on others in a pathetic attempt to show that he engages in vicious personal attacks on others. Clearly, the vicious personal attacks of The Left know no bounds, as shown by the innumerable posts by the Jane Hamshers of The Left accusing Ben of engaging in sexual congress with his maiden aunt and a parakeet.

When you strip away the vicious sexual smears against Ben, what is left? Only some charges of plagiarism and lying about said plagiarism and bearing false witness against his college newspaper editor and some nasty personal attacks and falsely calling Coretta Scott King a communist. The Lord should be so kind that this would be the worst said of me at 19, or 22, or 23, or last month.

They are laughing now, the dogs of The Left. Let them laugh, for the joke will be on them when we who support all that is good and right and true and decent rise up and behead one of Theirs and put his head on a pike with blood spewing everywhere. Metaphorically speaking of course.


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