Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Someone's going to bed without supper

Alas, I missed Bush's press conference today. But I heard he said "they told me what to say." Maybe not as sinister as it sounds, but following his comment yesterday that he was "very careful" not to say Saddam Hussein ordered the 9/11 attacks (as Keith Olbermann suggested, that makes it sound as if he was trying really really hard to do all he could to tie Hussein to 9/11 while retaining deniability - don't believe it? shoot, watch the video for yourself), you gotta wonder.*

Anyway. His handlers can't have been too pleased. I'll bet he got a good talking-to after the press conference:

KAREN HUGHES [sternly]: "George! What did we tell you not to say?!"

DUBYA [shuffling feet on carpet, mumbling]: "Um . . . you said . . . Be sincere?"

KH: "NO! I mean, yes, we said that, but what did we tell you NOT to say? "

DUBYA: "Stay the course, stand up when the Iraqis stand down . . . I mean . . . fighting them here so we don't hafta . . . I mean, fight them there . . . resolve? . . . freedom . . .? [bursts into tears]"

KH [in gentler tone]: "No, George, we told you TO say those things. But we specifically told you NOT to say that we were telling you what to say. Understand?"

DUBYA [brightly]: "Yeah! I'm s'posed to say you told me not say you told me what to say!"

KH: "Never mind. Go take your nap."

*Update: See busybusybusy for more on "very careful"


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