Saturday, May 13, 2006

A man after John Gibson's own heart!

One Winston McKuen - pardon me, that's Dr. Winston McKuen (he has an advanced degree in cobaggery*) - recently gave an interview to WLTX, a local news station, in which McKuen expressed his views about the intellectual inferiority of black people. Of course he's entitled to his opinion and all, but unfortunately he is a public school teacher whose duties include teaching black children. Dr. McKuen taught for Lexington, South Carolina School District 2, which has placed him on administrative leave, according to this story in The State, though I'm not sure whether he was placed on leave for being a racist cobag* or because the district learned that McKuen fudged his resume.

The school district says it didn't know about Dr. McKuen's views, but he hasn't been shy about spraying his racist opinions all over the Internets, as in this posting at "American Renaissance" website:

I teach Latin at a public high school that is considered one of the best in SC. Compared to other subjects, Latin is rigorously analytical and demanding. It has stood the test of time as a central component in classical education.

I teach white, oriental, hispanic and black students. Their classroom performance is in the same order, going from best (whites) to worst (blacks), with orientals closer to whites and hispanics closer to blacks.

Teaching blacks is like pulling hind teeth, and the reward for any Herculean effort by a teacher of blacks is merely to see the creatures revert to their own sorry excuse for a sub-culture.

When I was very young (early 20s), I was as avid an integrationist and egalitarian as you could find. But, for over 20 years now, I have sat attentively at the feet of that great teacher, EXPERIENCE.

By the way, I now consider segregationism to be a form of bleeding-heart liberalism.

Personally, I am a deportationist.
(I have no qualms whatever about using force.)

Not a day goes by that I don’t muse, while standing in the hallway between classes suppressing barbaric “student” behavior, how much better this school would be, both academically and socially, without the blacks and the hispanics (most of whom are illegal).

Let’s put it this way: One reason I keep a gym membership is to keep my edge in stopping gang fights at school. The Spartan King Leonidas (“the lion”), who fought a brilliant, self-sacrificial delaying action against the Persian horde at Thermopylae, is my role model.

Dr. Winston McCuen
Posted by Winston McCuen at 6:56 PM on July 20

Not much of a writer, is he? Seriously, how can he be stopping gang fights while simultaneously standing and musing? Maybe it sounds more plausible in Latin.

The school district says it wouldn't have hired McKuen if it had known that he had been fired from his previous job; McKuen was fired (from a PRIVATE SC school**) for refusing to take a Confederate flag down in his classroom. Dr. McKuen lied to the school district about having been fired. Although McKuen is openly cobag-ish*, and the Internet is strewn with examples of his cobaggery*, the school district was, it says, unaware of said cobaggery until McKuen did the WLTX interview.

Oh, almost forgot: The Rogue Planet No Shit, Sherlock Award goes to reporter J.R. Berry of South Carolina's WLTX: After McKuen says blacks are intellectually inferior and that slavery was a good thing, Berry sagely notes: "There will be some people that will say those are racist remarks." No shit, Sherlock!

* The word "cobag" is, I believe, a trademark of Sadly, No and/or 3Bulls

** I was a little surprised to read that a private school in South Carolina - in Greenville, yet - would fire a teacher for not removing a Confederate flag. I would have thought hanging a Confederate flag would get you a raise in most private SC schools . . .


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