Monday, May 08, 2006

Wanker of the day

Almost the entire left blogosphere. See here (and follow links) for gory details.


Ana Marie Cox: I read her "Time" piece, giving her every benefit of the doubt, 'cause that's the kind of person I am, and yes, it was totally wanker-ish. She completely missed the Gawker joke. I'm pretty sure she's not that stupid, so I can only conclude that A) She was having a bad hair day when she wrote that, and it infected her thinking (hey, I've been there); or 2) she's just playing dumb - i.e., the lefty bloggers are basically right about her.

Mark Kleiman: For going overboard to defend Cox's boneheaded opinion piece, and most especially for attributing Digby's criticism of her to "male chauvinism" - later amended to "misogyny" but STILL. DIGBY! Of ALL people! Kleiman, you wanker, if you've read any Digby at all how could you even THINK such a thing - unless you're just having a bad hair day!

Atrios: For making such a big freaking deal out of this silly crap. C'mon, big guy, you can do better than that.

Me: For blogging about it. Though in fairness to me, who cares what I blog about?

Retardo Montalban: Get a grip on yourself, asshole. And I LIKE "Sadly No."

This commenter on Atrios, for, among other things, referring to the "civility meme." Civility is not a mere "meme," dickhead, it is an actual virtue. One that I presently lack. But anyway, if all you civility-dissing assholes, including Atrios, really think civility is no big deal, then the next time you're invited to participate on some stupid televised blogging panel, I fucking dare you chickenshit wankers to refer to your political opponents as "fucking wankers." Or even just "wankers." I double-dog dare ya, asshats!


Digby: He/she was right about Cox's "Time" article, and though he/she was unsparing in his/her assessment of AMC, he/she was never unnecessarily crude, unlike the rest of us wankers.

Btw, is Digby really a chick, as I have been reading? No matter. I still want to have his/her baby.

This guy: 'Cause he has the right attitude about the whole wankfest.

Update: rilkefan points out that Mr. Kleiman kindly posted an apology to Digby.

I didn't really expect more than three people to actually ever read this post, but, er, in case more than three people do read it I should point out that I don't think any of the people named above is a total wanker. Not even AMC. I like these people, mostly. It just seems that we've all been seized by some kind of massive spasm of wank.


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