Thursday, May 11, 2006

When you pledge to stop bathing with your brother

Then I'll sign your online integrity pledge.

Any reservations I would have about signing on to this pledge (not that anyone would ever actually ask me to) are expressed by some of the dissenting commenters at the OI site, and by Chris Bowers here, and most eloquently by Retardo Montalban at Sadly No.

Of course my main objection to the pledge is that the pledge I spontaneously gave here at Rogue Planet late last year is way better than theirs:

So. Maybe I've been operating under a hugely incorrect assumption about how this whole blog dialogue thing is supposed to work. Which is that when a blog offers what appears to be an anonymous comments feature, one can comment in an anonymous fashion, without worrying that the blog owner is going to call one's god-damned boss. In that spirit, my pledge to you, my beloved readers, is that unless you overtly threaten me or someone else, or unless someone subpoenas me, or offers me a buttload of money, I will respect your desire to remain anonymous. So help me Bejus.


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