Thursday, May 11, 2006

With friends like Josh Trevino


Shorter Joshua Trevino: "Stop making fun of my MENTALLY ILL friend JEFF GOLDSTEIN!"

Alternate shorter Jeff Goldstein: "Taunting Jeff Goldstein on the Internet is like tripping a third-grader on the playground."

Seriously, don't you think Jeff Goldstein must be cringing a little bit?

Goldstein: "Er, thanks, bud, but that really wasn't necessary."

Trevino: "Yes, Jeff, it was. Someone must stand up to these enemies of all that is decent. I have just begun to call out these unspeakable bastards, these vile ones who would amuse themselves by mocking the most vulnerable among us."

Goldstein: "Really. I'm FINE. You've done ENOUGH already."

For the record, it would be vile to mock someone for having a mental illness. Except that wasn't what Jane Hamsher was doing, as anyone can plainly see. Goldstein made a crack about Hamsher drinking copious quantities of vodka while blogging; Hamsher says she doesn't drink; Goldstein posts about taking Klonopin; Hamsher makes crack about "projection"; Trevino then gets his butt up on his shoulders and starts wildly issuing denunciations. Geez, the Richardcohenosphere is crawling with examples of vile behavior and Trevino picks this silly shit to crusade against?

I just wish Goldstein had showed up in Trevino's thread and threatened to - how do you say? - dick-slap someone. But no, the bastard wouldn't give us the satisfaction.

By the way, I myself see no problem with people consuming alcoholic beverages, and/or benzodiazepams, as long as they don't consume them simultaneously, of course. And as long as they take the latter strictly as prescribed, etc. And as long as they don't drive or operate heavy equipment or perform surgery or invade other countries while under the influence of these substances. Otherwise, I don't see why everyone else is so uptight about it . . .


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