Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Would you want this guy anywhere near you with a scalpel?

Dr. Henry Jordan - a surgeon - is running for the GOP nomination for Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina.

Dr. Jordan attained fame, or infamy, in 1997 when he was a member of the South Carolina State Board of Education and he said, "Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims."

He's mellowed since then. Anyway, let's listen to what Dr. Jordan, man of science, has to say for himself:

COLUMBIA - Lieutenant governor candidate Henry Jordan says science does not support Darwin's theory that man evolved from monkeys and that public school students should learn "intelligent design" along with evolution.

"I think everything ought to be taught ... and let people decide for themselves. There is no science to support trans-species changes, in other words, a monkey becoming a man," the Republican said in an interview this week with The Associated Press.

"A bunch of amoebas didn't get together and design all this," Jordan said, referring to the human body. "We'd be operating on people ... looking at their hearts, their liver and their lungs, I'd tell the techs, 'Can you believe those little amoebas figured all this out?'

"I mean you've got to be stupid to believe in evolution, I mean, really," he said.
Jordan believes the sin of pride and people's desire to decide their own fate, rather than obey God, are why people believe in evolution.

Jordan, a state Board of Education member from 1997-2001, will face incumbent Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Mike Campbell, son of the late Gov. Carroll Campbell, in the Republican primary next month. Jordan lost a bid for lieutenant governor in 1994.
While on the state board, Jordan was perhaps best known for his push to give schools the ability to post the Ten Commandments.

Jordan said Monday he believes it's important to continue to acknowledge God in public life.

He believes God continues to bless the United States, despite its transgressions, because it is Israel's "only real friend" and because Americans fund most of the world's missionaries.

"There are only two nations I know of that have been supernaturally blessed: Israel, because God chose them ... and the other is the United States," Jordan said.


Is it any wonder that those Christian Exodus fanatics thought South Carolina would be ripe for a theocratic takeover?


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