Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fightin' words

Israel is getting its war on. Iran is getting its nuke on. The U.S. is probably about to get its Armageddon on.

But who cares about all that. Let's talk about blog wars.

I give you:

Glenn Greenwald vs. the Rightosphere

Jeff Goldstein and his c*ck vs. the Leftosphere

Maryscott O'Connor and Richard Silverstein vs. the Kososphere

The Editors vs. John Cole

Somerby vs. Ailes
(see also here and here)

Somerby and Ailes deserve credit for their, by blogospheric standards, positively gentlemanly restraint. Somerby, in his irascible way, took Ailes to task for Ailes's post about the Sunday a.m. talk shows; Ailes responds with a rebuttal that lightly (but not meanly) parodies Somerby's style, and then they follow up. Neither of them calls the other a bitch, a wanker, a douchebag, or a WATB; neither of them offers to slap the other with his . . . well, you know. I applaud their decent behavior, truly. A rare thing in cyber-space.

As much as I admire Somerby and Ailes's relative civility, I gotta admit: It wasn't anywhere near as entertaining as the decidedly uncivilends-with-a-whimper battle between Reverend Mykeru and Lord Spatula. Click on it. Sadly, the picture links are broken but otherwise it's one of the funniest got-damn things I've ever read on the Internets.

Also funny: The aforementioned The Editors vs. John Cole - thanks to John Cole's hilariously Pavlovian response in The Editors' comments.

Yes, this is all frivolous. But don't hate me for wanting to laugh a little before everyone else gets Raptured into Heaven.

(Mykeru v. Spatula link via Sadly, No!)


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