Monday, July 10, 2006

Fun with blogs

I was in the woods all weekend and didn't even miss the Internet, or blogs. Not one little bit. But as soon as I got back last night I started catching up, and next thing you know I'm trying to follow this whole stupid Goldstein-Frisch drama. Then this evening I argued with that wanker Patterico about it in Sadly, No's comment threads. How wanker-ish am I for wasting time arguing with a wanker about a wankfest? I hereby proclaim myself Wanker of the Day.

Oh, by the way: From what little I've read of her last night and tonight, Ms. Frisch (who I'd never heard of before) seems to be a complete loon. She should never have mentioned Goldstein's child. But then, I've always thought it was completely wrong to drag minor children into one's stupid, vicious blogfights. Some people are a little late coming to that realization. Know what I mean?

Anyway. Here's something a little less seamy: A three-day old post from Kos about how the '06 SC governor's race is shaping up, and how it may affect national politics. Kos reprints an email from someone who seems to have a handle on SC political maneuvering. Interesting, what? I don't know if all of it is true.

I have no insight into the behind-the-scenes stuff, but I do think that Lindsey Graham is going to be in for a primary fight in '08. My unscientific, entirely anecdotal-evidence-based impression is that there's a small but vocal bunch of extreme right-wingers who hate Graham's guts; they think he's a traitor to the GOP cause. I don't like him much either, but damn! Thomas Ravenel - his likely opponent - makes Graham look like a bleeding heart liberal. My moderate and liberal friends think Graham's a moderate himself. They're not so familiar with his positions on any particular issue, but they think he's a personally decent, nice guy. Which I think he is, too, compared to most GOP politicians, but he's no moderate.

I'm betting that in '08 Graham will find himself in a position similar to Joe Lieberman's today - unpopular with his base, besieged by out-of-state campaigners and operatives and, perhaps, bloggers, and fighting for his political life.

Maybe I'm wrong. I hope so, because "Senator Ravenel" . . . bleah.


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