Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Democrats play dirty trick on Senator George Allen

The libs sank to new lows when they sent a brown-skinned man with a camera to cover Senator Allen's public appearances before all-white crowds. The devious libs knew that poor Senator Allen wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to call the colored man a monkey. I guess some of you libs got a big kick out of making Allen look like the kind of man who would single out a dark-skinned man and call him "macaca."

What a despicable trick. It would be just like dangling a big Twinkie in front of Michael Moore and videotaping him as he lunges for it and devours it and then greedily licks the creamy filling from his chubby fingers. I'll bet you libs wouldn't be laughing at that, would you?

Or it would be like parading a cute fifteen-year old girl in front of John Derbyshire and videotaping him as he drools. Of course you sicko libs would probably get a kick out of tormenting a fine conservative like Derbyshire.

Typical morally bankrupt liberals - deliberately exploiting a man's weakness, and then laughing about it.


(Inspired by Dan Riehl. Via The Poor Man)


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