Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 anniversary haikus

I hope I don't go to Hell for this:

The memos warned him
To keep a vigilant eye
The drunk went fishing.

That hot Crawford sun
Blinding, can't really focus
on that PDB.

It's been five whole years
Since Osama attacked us
Why can't Bush catch him?

Used planes as missiles
Condi no anticipate
Dub let him get 'way.

On that fateful day
Bush displayed a newfound zeal
For reading a book.

It was 9/14
When Bush stood astride the dead
With a big bullhorn.

Bush launched his campaign
For re-election astride
A pile of the dead.

"Can you hear me now?"
The miscreant bellowed out.
Please sign this release.

When the country reel'd
And all needed a leader
He just flew away.

Aboard Air Force One
Bush watched in-flight movies and
Smacked on hard candies.

Flying aimlessly
Safely aboard Air Force One
Dubya soiled his pants.

MildlyDisturbed and berg wrote some of these haikus, which I have used without the authors' permission.


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