Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Not good

Exclusive: U.S. Troops Abandoned Me, Says Convoy Driver
September 27, 2006 11:16 AM

Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz Report:

A dramatic home video obtained by ABC News shows U.S. troops apparently abandoned a truck convoy after it came under insurgent attack in Iraq last year.

Three unarmed Halliburton truck drivers were executed at point-blank range once the troops left, according to a surviving driver, Preston Wheeler, of Mena, Ark., who taped the scene.

"They was murdered. To me, they was murdered," Wheeler told ABC News in an exclusive interview to be broadcast Wednesday on World News and Nightline.

Once insurgents opened fire and disabled four trucks, the personnel carrier can be seen racing ahead.

"They left. They, I don't know where they went, they're nowhere to be seen," Wheeler said.

Wheeler says it was 45 minutes before a U.S. military force returned. By then, Wheeler says, he had seen two drivers shot at point-blank range. He identified them as Keven Dagit, of Jefferson, Iowa, and Sascha Greener-Case, of Sierra Vista, Ariz.


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