Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shorter Ann Althouse and Dr. Mrs. Instahack

"Look, this female blogger posed for a picture - and she's not even wearing a burka. STONE HER."

The picture in question is one of Bill Clinton and some liberal bloggers (I was invited, but I had to work day shift at the Waffle House that day). According to Althouse, the blogger in question "wears a tight knit top that draws attention to her breasts and stands right in front of him and positions herself to make her breasts as obvious as possible". Dr. Helen accuses the blogger of "posing in a rather provocative stance." I certainly don't think it's a "provocative stance" - in fact, I'll bet most people's grandmothers wouldn't find it a provocative stance.

But you be the judge - the picture is here; the blogger who attracted Althouse's and Dr. Helen's attention is the young woman in front in the gray top. It's Jessica, from Feministing. She's standing in what looks to ME like a fairly natural, relaxed stance, arms to her side, shoulders not thrown back, breasts not thrust out. Nonetheless, Althouse and Dr. Helen found her stance, and top, to be unduly alluring. I think the mullahs of Iran would certainly agree with them on that.

I don't think Jessica's got anything to be embarrassed about.

Now here's someone who could really show Althouse and Dr. Helen a thing or two about, um, posing provocatively:


Say, who's that doughy-looking guy with her?

Via Pandagon, via Atrios in turn.

UPDATE: D'oh. And I thought I was so clever. Julia totally beat me to that Atlas pic . I should stick to blogging about stuff after the rest of the blogosphere's moved on . . .


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