Monday, September 18, 2006

White people su . . .

KIDDING! I love white people, really. In fact, I have "white blood." In fact, it's entirely white. But still, white people kill me.

The first thing I noticed when I saw the picture of Clinton with the bloggers wasn't anyone's boobs - it was the fact that there wasn't a single black person in the picture. OK, I admit, that was the second thing . . . the first thing I did was pick out the bloggers I recognized and wonder who the others were. That led to me thinking gee, they're all white, aren't they? Not that I have anything against white people, much. But where's Gilliard . . . isn't he in New York City? Why isn't he there?

As it turns out, Gilliard wasn't invited. The Clinton/blogger meet was arranged by Peter Daou, a former blogger now working on Hillary C's campaign for whatever it is she's running for. Gilliard says Daou told him that Daou didn't bother inviting him because he knew Gilliard wouldn't attend, which, Gilliard says, he wouldn't have (good on him - though I myself wouldn't have been able to resist). Oliver Willis was invited, but couldn't make it.

Anyhoo, I had half a mind to post some mild snark about that, and about the lack of substantive blogging about the whole thing, and then along come Ann Althouse and Dr. Helen with their nasty posts about Jessica and her wanton posing in the group pic. That distracted me, I admit, and wound up posting about that instead of the other thing.

I don't know why I'm even posting about now (better bloggers than I am have been all over it already).

Oh, re Clinton: When he was president I recollect that even though I liked him, on those occasions when I paid attention to what he was doing I was mostly exasperated with him or outright disgusted by him. Then as time went on I got even more disgusted by the GOP's crotch crusade. And now? After six years of Bush? Clinton seems like a GOD.

So I confess: I would totally pose for a picture with him.


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