Thursday, December 14, 2006


Fix yourself a drink before you read this:

A Socastee man accused of attacking his wife with an ax was found guilty Tuesday of criminal domestic violence in a jury trial which proceeded against the victim's wishes, reported the office of 15th Circuit Solicitor J. Gregory Hembree on Wednesday.

A prepared statement from Hembree's office indicates Steven Rollinson was convicted of continuously striking his wife of 11 years with an axe during a June 5th domestic dispute.

Court records show two witnesses saw the victim staggering down the front steps of the crime scene.

She suffered the following injuries, records show: A gapping wound from the left eye socket through the lip and into the chin, a broken lower jaw bone, loss of lower teeth, deafness in left ear, loss of sight in left eye, left side of face paralyzed, permanent scarring to left side of face, three gapping wounds to left arm and left arm paralyzed.

Reports state she was flown to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, where she remained on life support for two days and spent 12 days total.

Despite her extensive injuries, Hembree's office reports, the victim refused to testify against her husband and maintained the argument which predicated the attack was her fault.

I mean, Be-JUS:

Court records state Rollinson testified the victim's wounds were self-inflicted; that the victim sliced her face with the ax and had fallen on it several times.


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