Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bingo hooligans

This letter appeared in the Myrtle Beach Sun News the other day. Isn't it sad?

This is my fourth and final visit to Myrtle Beach. The drivers here, people staying at hotels and bingo players are rude and inconsiderate. The bingo players laughed at me and talked about me behind my back because I didn't know how to play bingo their way. They think they own their places at the bingo hall because they are regulars.

One man threw his garbage at me, told me not to sit in a certain spot and told me to sit in the smoking section. I told him I was allergic to smoke and tobacco and take allergy pills. He got mad and moved to another table. I reported him to the manager and she did nothing about the situation.

Bye bye, Myrtle Beach.

D. M.
Buffalo, N.Y.


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