Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fuck all y'all!

Ya know, it's not easy being a liberal-ish Democrat living in South Carolina, amongst mostly really right-wing Republicans, but you won't catch me WHINING about it, the way some righties whine about how tough it is to be liberal in California or Tennessee (Tennessee? What-the-fuck-EVER).

But it DOES rankle me a bit when people like Digby, whom I respect, hell worship, say things like this:

I had originally rejected Tom Schaller's idea that Democrats should demonize South Carolina or Alabama the way the Republicans (with the help of alleged liberals like Ana Marie) have demonized San Francisco and Massachusetts. But I'm beginning to see that it may actually be a necessary thing.

Oh yeah? Well kiss my cracker ASS!

Plus - I hate to break it to Y'ALL - but plenty of African-Americans live in SC. And Alabama. So, rather than insulting their choice of domicile, Democrats ought to be spending time pointing out why Democratic policies are better for everyone than Republican policies.

Digby's SUCH a good egg, I forgive him (or her, as the case may be) for that intemperate remark, which was I bet written in a moment of sheer disgust at the nonstop nastiness coming from the GOP. I've felt that same disgust myself many times, but I really, REALLY don't think it's ever EVER a good political strategy to demonize an entire state or region (well, it's OK for bloggers to do it, in the spirit of snark, but I'd really hate to see legions of left-leaning pundits resorting to it in their TV appearances). Plus, it's just WRONG.

It always struck me as repugnant when Bush made his sneering references to the fine state of Massachusetts, and the constant contemptuous references by Republicans and their pundits to "San Francisco values" make me SICK. But it seems to me the appropriate response is not for lefties to sneer at Alabama (at least not serious-type lefties - leave the sneering-at-Alabama to the likes of me).

Rather, I think the next time some Republican ASSHAT, or Chris Matthews, or whoever, snickers about "San Francisco values" on TV, the appropriate response from the token lefty or semi-lefty guest would be to adopt a grave expression, and say sorrowfully, "You know, San Francisco is a great American city, full of fine AMERICANS and American patriots who vote, pay taxes, and contribute to our great American society. If you want to trash an entire American city, I suppose that's your right. But when you trash San Francisco, an American city, you're insulting millions of Americans. And I for one will not stand for it. Gentlemen!"

And then get up and stalk out off the set while the crew softly hums "America the Beautiful."


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