Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jesus wept

Digby has a post about an anti-Keith Ellison chain email now making the rounds.

You read it, and you think, THEY call US moonbats?

I remember when Clinton was president, and I really wasn't paying all that much attention to politics. An acquaintance put me on his email list, and I started receiving, on a regular basis, forwarded emails that enumerated in loony, conspiracy-theorist detail all the innocent people Bill and Hillary murdered in their ruthless rise to power, and the nefarious ways in which Bill and Hill offed their victims.

So help me, when I first started getting those emails, I would read them and laugh. I would occasionally respond to my acquaintance with an offhand, self-deprecating joke. Making fun of myself for voting for Clinton, and also lightly making fun of the loony-tunes mentality that spawned those emails. Because, you see, I thought he was in on the joke, and he was forwarding them to me because he too thought the insane conspiracy theories were funny.

And then I learned that he BELIEVED that shit. He actually BELIEVED that Bill and Hillary Clinton had 40-plus people murdered. So help me God, he believed it. And so apparently did the thousands of other fucking idiots who received those chain emails.

These batshit-crazy fools are still out there, and they're gunning for Keith Ellison now. One wonders why - after all, Ellison is just a freshman Congressman.

Maybe they're just getting warmed up for the Democrat who will be elected President in '08.


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