Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Steve Gilliard

I was truly sad to learn that Steve Gilliard died. He was only 42.

Some of the things he wrote infuriated me (though I don't recall what they were right now). But he was a lively, entertaining writer and he was against the war before everyone and his brother was, and he was a strong liberal voice in the blogosphere before there were many of those. He also, at least in my experience, was way more tolerant of dissent in his comments than lots of other bloggers. I don't remember ever seeing him use some of the bullying tactics bloggers can use on disagreeable commenters; Mr. Gilliard and his co-blogger Jen would just get down there and duke it out with gusto, giving his comment section an entertaining barroom brawl quality.

Plus he knew how to make a mean potato salad.

Anyway, I am really sorry that he is gone.


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