Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thad the Impaler

'Member Thad Viers? Socastee, SC's Republican representative to the South Carolina House of Representatives? Mr. Viers was accused of using his cell phone to make threatening phone calls to his estranged wife's paramour. Mr. Viers claimed his buddies used his cell phone to make the calls. With friends like that, eh?

When yours truly last blogged about Mr. Viers I was expressing puzzlement that he was being allowed to enter pretrial intervention. As it turns out, a judge revoked the PTI and ordered Mr. Viers to stand trial; he pleaded no contest last week and was fined $500.00. His attorney said he was a victim of luv. Love makes people do funny things:

In copies of the recordings obtained by McClatchy Newspapers, a caller tells Ziegler to expect to be attacked and beaten. The caller repeats profanities in describing various sex acts that he claims to have performed with Ziegler's girlfriend, as well as with Ziegler's mother.

Ah yes. In the Spring a young man's fancy turns lightly to thoughts of having sex with his estranged wife's new lover's mother.

The GOP leadership of the SC House has declined to discipline Mr. Viers. The Sun News editorial board is not happy with that decision.

I don't really have much new to say about Mr. Viers . . . I just wanted to use "Thad the Impaler" before I forgot.


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