Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things you won't see Brad Warthen blogging about

See John McCain's classy response when asked "How do we beat the bitch?" by a supporter in South Carolina.

Who is that "lady," btw?

I stand corrected! Brad Warthen DID blog about this, sorta. One suspects Mr. Warthen would have been able to work up a righteous froth of indignation had it been, oh, say, John Edwards being cutesy in response to a question calling one of his competitors a vulgar name. But that's just how one is! Cranky and pessismistic. Also, one realizes that one is not in any position to criticize others for being vulgar, btw. One realize that one is coming from a position of weakness in that regard. One is not totally un-self-aware. Then again, one is not running for president, is one?

Mr. W. is going to have plenty of chances to pleasantly surprise one as this election progresses, so let's see what happens. One will not be holding ones breath, is all one can say.


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