Saturday, June 30, 2007

Thad Viers, victim

Thad the Impaler's supporters, all three of them, write The Sun News.

The first letter comes from Ms. D__ M_________ of Socastee:

Viers is 'big enough person' in situation

I was very happy to read the article on Rep. Thad Viers and to know it is over. The testimony given by Viers speaks of what a gentleman he is and how he took full responsible [sic] of the charges against him.

Well, no. Mr. Viers continued to blame unnamed "friends" for making some of the calls. The accounts I've read of the tapes from reporters who have heard them mention only one caller, so I think Mr. Viers is full of baloney when he blames others. But whatever.

James Zeigler was not man enough to say whether or not he is still seeing [Viers' estranged wife, Natalie] McKelvey.

Not sure how that is relevant to Mr. Viers' criminal charges.

Viers is a big enough person to offer to take the paternity test, as the story stated now McKelvey is pregnant.

No news accounts have said anything about Viers offering to take a paternity test, and he and Ms. M have been separated for some time. This statement is just a bizarre non sequitur, and I can't imagine why The Sun News didn't edit it out of the letter. Then again, they'll print anything in their letters section.

This is more than I read in your paper about Zeigler. I think it is time the people of Horry County understand the type of a man Viers is.

Oh, I think they do.

We should all be praying for him now. It is time for him to be able to go on with his life.

Yes, let us all stop holding the criminal actions of this elected official up to public scrutiny.

The second letter comes from Mr. J___ W__________ of Myrtle Beach:

Viers' complainant should expect calls

Re Rep. Thad Viers' threatening phone calls:
Enough is enough. It's not like this isn't happening at an alarming rate in our communities and our nation.

What, there's an epidemic of elected officials calling their estranged wives' paramours and making threats against the paramours' mothers? I had no idea.

Yes, Thad was wrong, and I don't condone his actions. But let's be realistic. Any man who dates another man's wife opens himself up to the cards that are dealt. How many times have we read about jealous husbands shooting their wife's lover? I think this guy played it to the hilt.

Yeah, the guy's just lucky Thad didn't shoot him with his new AK-47.

Then there's this from Ms. B______ C_________ of Myrtle Beach:

Shame on Mark Sanford [note from kc: Sanford wanted to censure Viers]. I am sure if someone researched back his or his employees' lives, they would find some bad behavior.

Thad Viers is a fine young representative. My husband and I have met him and his ex-wife. He tries to do what's right but he is human, so who can cast the first stone?
He should never have gone to trial. People say things before they think, especially when it comes to exes. Do not hurt this man's career because of a lapse. We'd like to see him run for governor one day. How would Sanford like that? If Sanford wants to do something, how about stopping these rising gas prices?

Also, there are always two sides to every story. What about this ex-wife?

"What about this ex-wife?" Geez.

Classy supporters for a classy politician.

UPDATE - or maybe I should call it a "CORRECTION": In comments, Silence Dogood (who blogs here) says he attended the hearing and that the prosecution noted that not all of the phone calls were from Viers, "but that the worst ones did seem to be his voice." Thanks for the info, Mr. Dogood!


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